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How I see it & my motivation in sharing it

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HUMAN DESIGN is a knowledge that offers

 practical signposts of our genetic uniqueness  

It is an antidote for living a cookie-cutter life by recognizing our unique potential and removing resistance so we can thrive as ourselves in the world.

Einstein said, "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." This is precisely my experience. While the world we are born in gives us a foundation upon which we can grow into "healthy" and "productive" adults, the world is missing the understanding that no homogenised standard can ever truly define what makes someone a valuable human.

Everyone can display health in unique ways and make a unique contribution to the world. This is our genetic truth! We are all unique and here to make our differentiated contribution, which some may call their purpose.

This is what Human Design analysis and study bring to light. It awakens you to your potential and offers practical signposts to help you realise it.

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  • Get your Human Design Bodygraph here.

  • Grab a copy of the Definitive Book of Human Design, the Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu & Lynda Bunnell.

  • Get a foundational analysis of your chart here.

  • If you would like to get some general education beyond your own chart, Living Your Design, Rave ABC and Rave Cartography courses are offered by many Human Design Professionals.

  • Some Human Design Podcasts I enjoy: Human Design CollectiveOn the Roof; Anew Narrative; Emoting PodcastPure Individual Podcast


And that as long as you are trying to be like someone else,

 THERE IS NOBODY LIKE YOU , never will be, cannot be.

 THE TOTALITY suffers your loss.  "

Ra Uru Hu, Founder of the Human Design System

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