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Are Yoga & Other Ancient Wellness Practices Redundant After Human Design?

Understanding the logic behind Ra Uru Hu's Heresy on yoga and other seven-centered practices.

“ My favorite joke is yoga. It's one of my dearest and favorite jokes. I have nothing against yoga, but it is still a joke for me because yoga is seven-centered. And I think that the practice of yoga, though it may be wonderful in a sense for the flexibility of the body, I think that as an act it has a deep homogenizing quality to it because I think it's seven-centered oriented and thus I think that there are certain aspects of the nine-centered body that do not benefit at all from what is yoga, which is a deeply, deeply seven-centered phenomenon. “ - Ra Uru Hu (PHS Practitioner Certification, Year 3, Semester 1)

To fully understand Ra Uru Hu’s heresy, it is important to first understand the difference between a seven-centered being and a nine-centered being. The seven-centered beings or Homo sapiens sapiens were our ancestors born before 1781. While they weren’t significantly different from us in the way that they looked externally, internally the difference between us and them was immense.

The Differences Between Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Homo Sapiens in Transitus

  • The number of centers or chakras: The centers in a body are hubs of genetic information. Each center is responsible for its unique function(s) in the body. Homo sapiens sapiens had seven centers in their body, while Homo sapiens in transitus, that is us, have nine centers each. The first internal difference between our ancestors and us is the availability of more nuanced genetic information through additional centers. The Heart Center of the Homo sapiens sapiens mutated into the G Center and the Ego Center in Homo sapiens in transitus; while the Solar Plexus Center mutated into the Spleen and the Solar Plexus Center (as speculated by Human Design Professionals, Ra never mentioned this explicitly).

  • Circuitry: What is also different between us and our ancestors is how the centers coordinate with each other, that is, circuitry. Homo sapiens in transitus have a more diverse circuitry that allows movement and coordination of information throughout the body in a more varied way than in Homo sapiens sapiens.

  • Direction of movement through circuitry: Another difference that is quite noteworthy is that us nine-centered beings have genetic information flowing in all directions throughout our Bodygraph to ultimately reach the Throat. While the seven-centered beings had genetic information flowing upwards from the root to the head center. In other words, the movement of information in Homo sapiens sapiens was unidirectional, while for us it is multidirectional. 

  • Goal of movement through circuitry: The ultimate goal of a seven-centered human was to move all information and data up to its Head Center; while the ultimate goal of a nine-centered human is to enable the flow of all data up to the Throat. Therefore, not only do we have access to more diverse genetic information and a more varied circuitry as Homo sapiens in transitus, but we also have a different goal in terms of what we’re here for. The seven-centered being was here to feed its mind while the nine-centered beings here to feed our throat. 

  • Difference in inner authority: Consequently for the Homo sapiens sapiens, the source of all authority or decision-making was the mind. In other words, seven-centered beings relied on their minds to make decisions for themselves as well as to advise others on their decisions. It was the mind that ran the entire show of the seven-centered life. While for the Homo sapiens in transitus, the mind and what it thinks is no longer the point, at least not when it comes to decision-making. Our decision-making authority rests within our bodies, while our outer authority or advisory capacity remains with our minds. Simply put, we are not here to do what we think, we are here to follow our bodies’ wisdom so we can make our unique contribution to the world through our Throat. 

  • Difference in awareness potential: Another major difference between us and Homo sapiens sapiens is that we are designed for different kinds of awareness. Awareness in a Bodygraph is denoted by the four arrows on top of the chart. Left facing arrows point towards strategic awareness, while the right facing arrows indicate receptive awareness. Awareness is a result of tonal configuration. It is the tones that dictate if the arrows face left or right. Homo sapiens sapiens were fully strategic in their awareness while we have unique combinations of strategic and receptive awareness. This is why we are called Homo Sapiens in Transitus. We are a transitory species between those that have a fully strategic awareness and those that have a fully receptive awareness. The following illustrations showcase the difference between the awareness potential of Homo sapiens sapiens and Homo sapiens in transitus.

Understanding Strategic & Receptive Awareness

Strategic (left) awareness comes from the tones in the Splenic binary and the Ajna binary. When we’re looking at tones, we’re looking at the architecture of intelligence within us to operate correctly as ourselves in the world. The strategic tones use smell, taste, and outer vision to attain a survival advantage through mental focus. Leftness or strategic awareness is the ability of the mind to be able to focus and in being able to focus, being able to calculate for its survival advantage. The left mind creates strategies rooted in offense and defense and can go to any extent to push its agenda. Which is exactly what yoga and other wellness practices of the past aimed to do through control and homogenisation. In order to ensure survival and to ultimately climb the ladder of dominance, individuality had to be sacrificed to mental strategies.

Receptive (right) awareness comes from the tones in the Ajna binary and the Solar Plexus binary. Receptive awareness does not focus or strategize for survival. The receptive tones use inner vision, feeling, and touch to be a creative resource for others. Rightness simply takes on life without an agenda and in the process is served by and inevitably serves life. Strategic beings are designed to take advantage of and dominate their environment, while receptive beings are designed to be deeply creative and live in harmony with their environment. The purpose of receptive awareness is not to protect itself from life or to conquer or dominate it; but to absorb it without an agenda and be creative with it. In other words, receptive awareness is about receiving and storing life without an agenda and serving its evolution without even knowing it. This is the kind of awareness that is the future of our planet and we are a transitory species that gets to facilitate this transformation of human awareness.

Understanding our Peculiarity as Homo Sapiens in Transitus

As mentioned before, we are a transition between strategic humans and receptive humans. We are not totally strategic and we are not totally receptive. We all house unique combinations of strategic and receptive awareness. Some of us are quad-left that are designed to be highly strategic in the world and some of us are quad-right that are designed to be highly receptive in the world and many fall somewhere in the middle. This makes our existence totally unique and also wildly exciting. What we can each contribute to the world in terms of awareness is totally distinctive and diverse. This is why the Throat Center is the hub of all information for us nine-centered beings. Communion or sharing our unique awareness with others is integral for us. We are here to communicate through our words and actions what we each uniquely see and are aware of.

What is also important to understand here is that not all strategies are redundant. We are still partly strategic. Strategic beings amongst us are still devising strategies for rising up in the world. In fact, Ra Uru Hu, a strategic being devised the ultimate strategy for nine-centered beings, namely — type, strategy and authority. So it isn’t like we need to discard all strategies. What we, as nine-centered beings, need to discard is mental decision-making. This is what Ra Uru Hu was against.

According to Ra – religion, yoga, medical science, etc. are all seven-centered answers to life. In other words, they are mental strategies that come from following the decision-making of the mind. Some argue that something created out of the mind cannot truly serve us because that is not what our life is about as nine-centered beings. And while that can be true, I think about it slightly differently.

Why I Think Yoga and Other Ancient Wellness Practices are not Fully Redundant after Human Design

In my opinion, it is true that yoga is seven-centered, as are most other wellness sciences. This is why yoga targets clearing the body to clear the mind. It was about opening the third eye, so ‘higher reason’ or ‘clear vision’ can come to light. The Yoga Sutra by Patanjali, the father of yoga, defined yoga as “yogas chitta vritti nirodha”, meaning that yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. In other words, the goal of yoga is to still the mind. Yoga was a strategic mental scheme to make decisions from a ‘higher mind’ or a ‘clear mind’. Other practices and sciences of the past too, are mentally driven and promote homogenisation and control. It is also clear that their utilization can negatively condition us away from our inner authority. I fully recognise how problematic they can be for us.

But what if we didn’t use yoga or the sciences of the past to make decisions? What if we followed our strategy and authority into creatively engaging with them?

In my opinion, Ra Uru Hu was not morally opposed to ancient wellness practices and sciences, what he was opposed to was the use of them by nine-centered beings from their minds. He did not approve of us using yoga as a strategy to survive simply because our mind has an argument or case for it. Therefore, practicing yoga to lose weight or to gain flexibility or to get peace is no longer correct for us, neither is having a strategic practice. But that does not mean it cannot be supportive or helpful to us if we resonate with it.

To me it is clear that not everything from our past has to be discarded in its entirety. But the way it has been used has to be transformed for it to be truly useful for us nine-centered beings. Doing yoga like everyone else and having a rigid homogenized practice cannot be beneficial to us. If any science or practice takes us away from our strategy and authority, there is no way that that practice is serving our awareness. It cannot because it is prioritizing and epitomizing the mind as our decision-making authority and consequently conditioning us away from our inner authority. But if something helps us bring awareness to our strategy and authority or helps us connect and develop trust with our body, then that practice or science can be helpful in our process. 

Of course, the mind and its control over humanity is colossal and sometimes we can be fooled into thinking that we are following our strategy and authority when actually it is our mind that is still sneakily running the show. But in my opinion, it is part of our deconditioning process to be supported by the sciences and the practices that exist so we can be more empowered in our bodies.You don’t become your authority by making perfect decisions from the second you understand correct decision-making. You become your authority by actively participating in life in a way that helps you realize and communicate with your inner authority. 

In my opinion, we are not here to fully transcend the seven-centered world. We are here to transform it. When we engage with the world around us authentically, we mutate it. I never get on my mat to do what everyone else is doing or to attain a particular mental state or to do a particular pose or to get more “healthy”. I get on my mat to converse with my body and be creative with it. For me, yoga isn’t a strategy to achieve some inner mental state or some outer physical state. Yoga is a practice that I sometimes use to observe my body. 

In my understanding, the real difference between a seven-centered practice and a nine-centered practice lies in why and how we do something. Everything has the potential to control us and homogenize us, including the knowledge of Human Design. And similarly, everything has the potential to empower our uniqueness if we engage with it correctly. The only difference is why and how we do something. 

It is true that certain seven-centered phenomena like religion, war, and some sciences are entirely redundant for the nine-centered being. But it’s not like we can click our fingers and find ourselves in a completely new nine-centered world. We have to create it. We have to mutate it. We have to change it. In my opinion, there are going to be new practices coming into our world that support a nine-centered life through nine-centered awareness and there are also going to be seven-centered practices that are going to be transformed to suit our present transitory needs. You are not doomed if you practice yoga or any other wellness practices, in addition to your strategy and authority. It is however, important to be cognizant of how they impact you and be a witness to the transition we are in – to be part of it. This is our role in the world as Homo Sapiens in Transitus. We get to transform the past into the future through our unique awareness and our differentiated bodies.


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