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The Global Issues of the Post 2027 World (Part 1)

A Logical Analysis of What’s To Come

What Is Happening in 2027

As you know we are bombarded by a 100 trillion neutrinos every second that carry information from the stars to us and from us to the stars. In essence our maia or our world is a result of the programming or the conditioning we are receiving through the neutrinos. In other words, our world is the way it is because the background frequency supports it to be this way and each one of us are mechanisms that enable dissemination of the background frequency through us. The way this works is through the G Center. Each gate of the G Center is a lock that can be unlocked with specific keys or gates during certain time periods. Every era has different keys that unlock the frequency of that era. 

The era we’ve been in since 1615 has unlocked the world we live in today. In 2027, however, this 400 year old global cycle is coming to an end. This means that a new global program is going to be unlocked through new keys or gates, which is going to fully transform our world once again. The era we’ve been experiencing for the last 400 years was called the Cross of Planning by Ra Uru Hu. This is because the keys that unlocked the background frequency included the gates of the Cross of Planning and the gates of the Cross of Maya. The era we’re moving into in 2027 is called the Cross of Sleeping Phoenix because its keys include the gates of the Cross of Sleeping Phoenix and the Cross of Penetration. The reason that the eras are named after the keys of the Cross of The Vessel of Love, namely Cross of Planning and Cross of Sleeping Phoenix instead of Cross of Maya and Cross of Penetration respectively, is because this epoch is an epoch where the themes of The Vessel of Love are more dominant.

The Locks and Keys & the Problems of the Future

The Way (Gate 25) of this era has been – manifestation, macro and micro-cosmically, of the organic nature of communities. In other words, the world has opened up to harmony through friendship, bargains and communal loyalty (Gate 37). Every single thing we have access to in our world today is a result of a communal bargain. We have been able to come together in communities and decide what something is worth and we have been able to be loyal in our commitment afterwards. Never in the history of the world have we been so connected with each other before. And never has the world seen as much harmony as now. We not only have local communities, we also have larger communities in abundance. Whether it’s your family of origin or your chosen family, every single person on the planet has experienced what it means to be in a community that supports you in one way or another and whom you support in return. Gate 37 is also associated with the mouth and it can be speculated that this era was an era where human beings were programmed to feed themselves and others very well. This key is the glue that has held communities together through mutual beneficial exchange of resources for the last 400 years. Modern economies, governments, international organizations, infrastructure, family structures are a result of communal bonding and resource sharing but this is not the way forward. 

The way forward for humanity after 2027 is mutative spirit consciousness (Gate 55). In other words, the way is opening up to a new consciousness, namely solar plexus awareness, which as we know is going to come into the world through a new species of human called Raves post 2027. Unfortunately for us homo sapiens in transitus, the program is going to withdraw its support from our communal development and favor the evolution of a new spirit consciousness on earth through us. It is the 55th gate in which the full mutation will be initiated in Raves. And when the full mutation is initiated, the emotional wave in the 55th gate will be compressed into nothingness. In other words, the solar plexus center will cease to be a motor in Raves. This is how solar plexus awareness is going to come into the world.

Our human bodies have been preparing for this mutation since the Plutonic Interregnum. When we analyze the charts of 1781, when Uranus was discovered and 2027, when the cycle shifts as composite charts, there are three channels that get defined - the channel of struggle (28-38), the channel of mating (59-6) and the channel of inspiration (8-1). In other words, the time between 1781 and 2027, was programmed to be a struggle (28-38) to create (59-6) a new model (8-1). Some evidence of this mutation in the 55th gate can be gathered by the increasing numbers of autism and prostate cancer in the world (Gate 55 is said to have a biological correlation to the prostate gland). According to Ra, autism and prostate cancer have increased since 1781 because of the mutation taking place in the 55th gate. In essence, according to his speculation these people are born with the mutation before the time for the mutation has come.

In conclusion, the time for communal development and communal resource distribution is over and the time for empowerment of solar plexus awareness is here. The global program is no longer in favor of bargains, it has a new agenda and that agenda is the evolution of emotional clarity in homo sapiens in transitus to emotional awareness in Raves. Unfortunately for us, our forms are not equipped to possess emotional awareness but we are here to facilitate this transition through us by giving birth to a species that is capable of living in the world from their spiritual awareness. This is why Ra called us homo sapiens in transitus. We are a transitory form that is a small part of the evolution of human consciousness. Our role was to be a bridge between strategic and receptive awareness in the world.


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