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Hermit Opportunist of Mental Penetration

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 I can shock you into a deeper understanding of yourself and others 

I began my HERO'S JOURNEY in 2014 when I moved from India to the United Kingdom to pursue studying Law. What initially felt like an exciting career development quickly became a calling for self-discovery. One personal struggle after another, I had no choice but to invest in inquiring about who I really was and why I resented my life so much.

Naturally, as a Projector, the more I tried to learn about myself, the more motivated I felt about learning about others. I explored many different systems of human understanding and well-being over the years and eventually started my wellness coaching business in 2019 as a certified Health & Wellness Coach, Kundalini Reiki Master and Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

Everything was going great, and then
HUMAN DESIGN entered the picture! I quickly realized I needed to pause my guidance business and uncover a deeper layer of human understanding before I continued to guide people. There hasn't been a day since then that wasn't dedicated to studying or sharing Human Design, which ultimately led to recognition & invitations, which brought me here!


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  • Mental Projector: born to guide through mental concepts upon invitation

  • PRL DRR - born to be a receptive resource for others that has a focused perspective

  • 2/4 Profile: born to hermit until the call to influence is presented

  • RAX of Penetration (1) - born to shock others into new beginnings and transformation through intuitive clarity

  • Channel of Acceptance - born to organize life logically through understanding

  • Guilt Motivation with Judgment Sense - born to take responsibility to bring changes for the masses through fixing understanding

  • Focussed Wanting View - born to look into what is most needed in the lives of others

  • Passive Mountains Environment - born to resonate with higher lands and higher perspectives

  • Indirect Light Determination with Inner Vision Cognition - born to guide in darkness through inner seeing


human design


  • Living Your Design with Alokanand Diaz

  • Rave ABC with Human Design Collective

  • Rave Cartography with Human Design Collective​

  • Analyst in training at IHDS with Darshana Matthews

  • Differentiation Degree Practitioner in training at IHDS with Andrea Reikl-Wolf

  • Rave Cosmology at IHDS

  • Human Design Reader Training with Teo Montaya (Analyst) & Jes Fields

  • Multiple Self-Study Courses with Ra Uru Hu & Alokanand Diaz

  • Guidance Sessions with 100+ Clients

  • 5+ years of Coaching Experience

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