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Human Design Analysis

Awaken to your Uniqueness & Climb the Mountain of Self-Acceptance


90 min - 250 USD

The Journey to self-acceptance begins with understanding the basic components of your Bodygraph. This is where you will learn about the most important concept in the Human Design System - learning to navigate as your unique self in the world. A solid understanding of your impact on the world and the impact of the world on you can empower you to begin your experiment. This is where we set the foundations for the depth of self-discovery that is yet to come. POTENTIAL TOPICS: • Introduction to Human Design & the Bodygraph • Type, Strategy & Signature • The Centers • Authority • Definition • Formats & Splits • The Red & the Black • Openness & the Not-Self • Not-Self Strategies • Profile • The Human Design Experiment

This session is not just for beginners. It is for anyone looking to explore the foundational concepts of Human Design with depth.

VARIABLE  Session 

90 min - 300 USD

This session is for those looking to take their experiment a little deeper than strategy and authority and have more signposts of correctness available to them.

After gaining clarity on how you can navigate as yourself in the world and other foundational mechanics of your Bodygraph, the next step is understanding your awareness potential. In your Variable lies how you are designed to cognitively take in the world and your unique intelligence to conceptualise what you see and share it with the world. You were born to be uniquely self-reflective, and in this session, we will understand your unique awareness potential and how to support its proper function. POTENTIAL TOPICS: ​ • Introduction to Variables • Independent and • Dependent Variables • Strategic Mind vs Receptive Mind • Active Brain vs Passive Brain • Observed in Environment vs Observer in Environment • Focussed Perspective vs Peripheral Perspective • Determination • Cognition of Body • Environment • Perspective • Motivation • Sensory Potential of Mind


5 X 60 min - 1500 USD

These sessions are for those that are looking to free their mind so they can experience passenger consciousness.

This is the part of our journey where we begin process work to explore your not-self mind at length, depth and breath. These sessions are tailored to bring you face to face with the mental shadows hindering you from living your unique life. By the end of these sessions, you can expect to begin to recognise the different pressing points of your not-self mind, its affinity for dysfunction, its not-self motivation, and its distraction, as well as have a detailed understanding of your mental conditioners, harmonic influencers and conditioning receptors. POTENTIAL TOPICS: ​ • Introduction to Not-Self Mind • Not-Self Mind Affinity • Not-Self Mind Hierarchy • Ego Conditioning • Emotional Conditioning • Identity Conditioning • Fear Conditioning • Mental Conditioning • Stress Conditioning • Sexual Conditioning • Throat Conditioning • Mental Conditioners, Harmonic Influencers, Conditioning Receptors • Color Transference & its Effects • Mental Distraction & its Effects • Access to Cognition & Sensory Capacities of the Mind • Physical Impact of Mental Dysfunction • Genetic Attraction vs Resonance • Signposts of Healthy & Functional Mind • Passenger Consciousness & Outer Authority


2 X 90 min - 900 USD

These sessions are for those who are ready to unlearn how they have seen their design so far and go deeper into their potential for awakening.

These sessions are designed to transform how you look at your Bodygraph entirely. Here, you will understand the difference between genetic imperative and genetic resonance and recognise even more specific signposts for your mind and body. We will explore how your body changes depending on who you resonate with physically and how your awareness shifts as you resonate with others on your trajectory. This is another step to free your personality by educating it so deeply and precisely that it cannot help but release control. Only a free personality is capable of true nine-centered outer authority. POTENTIAL TOPICS: ​ • Introduction to Color Resonance • Genetic Attraction vs Genetic Resonance • Understanding the Magic Square & How it Operates • Importance of Moon & Nodal Path Personality Resonance Mapping: • Resonance to Sun/Earth & Nodal Resonance • The Role of Vertical & Lateral Ranges of the Mind • Alpha Vertical of the Mind • Beta Vertical of the Mind • Gamma Vertical of the Mind • Voice Lateral of the Mind • Heart Lateral of the Mind • Mind Lateral of the Mind • The Mundane Diamond • Transcendental Awareness & the Martian Diagonals • Impact of Others on Your Mind • Importance of Operating as your Unique Self Design Resonance Mapping: • Resonance to Sun/Earth & Nodal Resonance • Vertical Shaping & Lateral Reactivity of the Body • Solid Reactivity of the Body • Liquid Reactivity of the Body • Gaseous Reactivity of the Body • Shaping of Internal Balance • Shaping of Externalized Energetic Field • Oxygen Absorption • Outer Presence of the Body • 1st Impression of the Body • Deeper Impression of the Body • Mutation Potential of the Body • Importance of Operating as your Unique Self

  • Why do you offer this work online?
    I practice distance healing, meaning that you could be anywhere in the world to receive the bodywork, and there is no need for physical touch to facilitate the healing. I prefer this kind of bodywork as it allows both of us to be comfortable in our own spaces and fully relax, which is essential for transformative bodywork.
  • How do I prepare for the session?
    Do whatever you need to create a relaxing and cosy environment where you can lie down and not be disturbed for at least 2 hours. It can also be really helpful to have a soothing playlist ready beforehand if you enjoy music during the time when the energy work is facilitated. Sometimes, the mind can get really loud in the process, and having music to tune into can be beneficial to stay connected to your body.
  • What happens during the session?
    The list is not conclusive but those emotions, feelings, sensations and reactions are what is often reflected back by my clients: • heaviness/lightness is the body • movement of energy in the body • temperature changes • recollection of old memories • dozing off to sleep • changes in breathing patterns • crying • sweating • shaking Please remember that none of these are anything to be scared of. Bodywork encourages the body to release tension and stress, due to which you may experience some of these during the session. I'm also available to communicate with you during the session, just in case you need to talk to me about anything you're experiencing.
  • What can I expect after the session?
    It usually takes 48 hours for the energy work to integrate. You might fall into a deep sleep or feel quite introverted right after the session. Tiredness is also quite common. I encourage you to take time out after the session and just talk with your body. You might experience insights landing in your system over the next few days, and as you integrate the energy work more and more, you will begin to feel lighter and more balanced. On speaking directly after the session: If you fall asleep or need alone time after the session, I recommend not forcing conversation immediately. We can speak via Voxer whenever you feel ready to communicate. But speaking about the session afterwards is essential to integrating it, and I don't recommend skipping it altogether.
  • Can I cancel or reschedule my session?
    Please note that all purchases are final. I do not offer refunds for no-shows or any other reason. I trust that you make clear decisions when signing up to work together. You can reschedule your session up to 48 hours in advance via my booking calendar. You'll find the link in your confirmation email.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, I am happy to offer payment plans upon request. Please reach out via the contact form.

The deeper you invite me to PENETRATE you, the more

transformative my   OUTER AUTHORITY  is going to be

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