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The Global Issues of the Post 2027 World (Part 2)

A Logical Analysis of What’s To Come

Read Part 1 here.

The Temple (Gate 46) that our bodies have worshiped during the cross of planning has been deliverance (Gate 40). Human bodies have never done more work than they have in this era and that is because the global program was conditioning our bodies to work. This is the gate of the love of work and has the willpower to work long and hard for its people. Our bodies have been deeply conditioned to provide within communal structures and to look after the needs of those that are in our tribe. The bargain being that we get to rest after we’ve worked hard. This era has been the era of toiling hard all day long only to come home to a cooked meal and some time alone to rest and recover. This is the time when humanity was programmed to prosper materially and emotionally through mutual support. Gate 40 is also associated with the stomach and it can be said that this era was a time when we were programmed to stomach hard work.

What human beings are going to be programmed to exalt after 2027 instead of working hard is sexuality or fertility (Gate 59). The impact of the mutation in the 55th gate will pass through the 39th gate, the 60th gate and the 3rd gate to the 59th gate in the sacral. The movement of this mutation from the 55th gate to the 59th gate is the first stage of solar plexus mutation in Raves. This will have an impact on human reproduction as well. When the global program withdraws its support from human reproduction to support Rave reproduction in humans, human fertility is going to be deeply impacted. In fact, this is a process we are already in and the consequences of which are already apparent in the collective. Fertility rates have been declining at unprecedented rates and many world leaders have outrightly said that the biggest problem of the future is population collapse. In essence, as the fertility rates in human beings continue to decline, the ratio of younger people to older people is going to become highly skewed. This means there are going to be less young people to take care of a large population of older people. Many are calling this phenomenon - birth gap. As the birth gap increases in addition to communal structures and bargains breaking down, human beings are likely to experience a world that looks nothing like the world we live in right now.

You can watch this documentary to understand the statistics of population decline and the likely consequences of it on humanity at large. Fair warning, it’s not pretty. The problem is already bigger than we think and there is not much that can be done even if we as a collective tried to reproduce more right now. Truth is, we are not the future of this planet and our continued growth and reproduction is no longer a priority for the global program. It is also worth speculating that if human fertility is declining, our relationship with sex will shift too and so will our intimate relationships as a result. What that exactly looks like is something we are yet to witness.

When I look around the world from where I sit, what I already see is that less and less people are looking to commit to traditional relationships and to have large families. And even those that do want that have a hard time finding a partner and reproducing. A lot of scientists blame the work culture and woman liberation for this shift and it may be so, but if you zoom out just a little bit more to see the change in global cycles, it becomes obvious that this is how it was meant to be. Solar plexus awareness is ready to come on our planet and the global program is supporting its evolution through us. It is clear that those that can produce Rave children will be prioritized by the program and human reproduction will continue to slow down over time. As a result, what we will bow down to as humanity is fertility and sexuality instead of work. In fact, we as human beings may begin to diagnose our work culture as a problem that has transformed modern relationships for the bad and resulted in declining human fertility and reproduction.

There are already many studies linking the corporate work culture to reduced fertility in women. There are also a lot of studies on sexless relationships as a result of work stress and pressure; in addition to studies on the relationship between loneliness and modern work culture. You can check out this article to hear what’s being said about sex and relationships right now. You can also listen to this podcast that I found interesting on the topic. While statistics and trends can begin to point humanity towards the change in relationships, sex and fertility, it seems that the true cause will be unknown to most. Long-lasting relationships and hence, reproduction was supported by the frequency of the cross of planning but this is not humanity’s future. Neither is communal growth and communal resource support. The tribal warmth that we experience in the world right now is not a phenomenon of the future.

In my opinion, none of these shifts are going to be immediate. The cross of planning transformed our world in a span of 400 years and the cross of sleeping phoenix is going to be no different. But the world we live in is changing and this can be felt by everyone on the planet whether you are aware of what the change is or not. What are your observations and thoughts?


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