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The Global Issues of the Post 2027 World (Part 3)

A Logical Analysis of What’s To Come

Read Part 1 and Part 2.

The behavior of humanity at large for the last 400 years has been justifying that potential can be fulfilled through detailed attention to all pertinent aspects. In other words, the nature (Gate 10) of humanity has been to focus on detail oriented work (Gate 9). This gate is always looking for the necessary energy to be focussed and concentrated and to support detail oriented work. This energy demands experimentation, testing, repetition and practice, all of which is possible only because of the determination to stay focussed. In essence, this gate unlocked our ability as humanity to stay focussed on the small details so that progress can happen at large. This gate unlocked our staying power to succeed in the future. 

If we reflect on the last 400 years, it is clear that this has been the age of the scientific revolution and innovation. Every single technology we use today to make our lives easier has been a result of humanity’s detail oriented focus. From the invention of electricity, to the invention of cars, to the invention of computers, to the invention of world wide web, to the invention of airplanes, to the invention of rockets, to the invention of DNA fingerprinting, to the invention of medicine, to the invention of vaccines, to the invention of Artificial Intelligence – this has been a time of great progress for humanity. We have never been as detail oriented before and as a result we have never had such a nuanced and detailed world. In addition to the tribal bonding and work as discussed before, humanity has also been programmed to be highly logical and do detail oriented work that requires a lot of focus so survival of our species is ensured. This is what the global program was enforcing for the last 400 years.

As the key to our behavior changes in 2027, our nature as a species is going to orient towards power (Gate 34) instead of focus. The 34th gate is a source of pure, vital energy that emerges naturally through response. It is the great gate of empowerment, a potent source of energy that empowers us towards individuation, and enables us to express our uniqueness. Ultimately this energy ensures that you can survive as yourself in the world. This energy is not available to be shared with others because it is only available to empower oneself. From the outside looking in, this energy can appear to be quite selfish and self-absorbed. Afterall, this is part of the integration circuit, which is here to be absorbed in one’s own process of being oneself. There is no guilt in this energy when it is acting for oneself upon response. It is rooted in the urge to display how different it is from others. This energy can be quite unavailable for others because it is too busy doing what it needs to do for oneself upon response.

Human beings are entering an era of selfish behavior, especially when compared to the collective advancement we have experienced together in the last 400 years. Children born after 2027, including Raves are not going to be interested in detail oriented work that helps humanity at large. They are going to be programmed to follow their individual empowerment and be busy doing what they have a response for. This response will be highly self-absorbed and can have an effect of bulldozing over others if they get in the way of individual empowered action. Especially because the communal and collective way is generally losing its significance in the world.

A post 2027 world is going to be a world in which individual power displays are going to be frequent. In other words, people are going to be too busy doing what they need to do for themselves, to dedicate any time and energy to collective focus oriented work. This could mean that the development of scientific advancements is going to slow down. Instead of reaching mars in our rocket ships, we might, over time, go back to a world in which a lot of technology becomes redundant simply because we do not have people that want to dedicate their focus and energy to maintaining and developing it any longer. When those of us who carry the cross of planning in our DNA die out, the maintenance of our technological world can become difficult and hence, ultimately lead to its collapse. It is important to remember that detail oriented work needs resources to maintain and grow itself and in a world that is growing to be more and more selfish in their behavior, dedicating individual resources to tribal and collective work is going to become difficult.


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