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The Global Issues of the Post 2027 World (Part 4)

A Logical Analysis of What's to Come

The pattern or the flow of our era (Gate 15) has been defined by the great art of enriching life by the harmonic channeling of energy. In other words, our flow as a collective has been defined by our ability to develop skills that are of use in the future (Gate 16). We have all been in a flow of mastering skills through repetition. Our entire education is based on recognising certain skills within ourselves and then spending years and years to perfect that. And this perfection process doesn’t stop at school, it continues through our entire career. In this era, it is likely that if I studied to be a lawyer, then most likely I will continue to perfect my arbitration skills throughout my life and die as a lawyer. In other words, this era has been a time of sticking to perfecting certain skills so that they can be applied over and over. This process of dedication to skills has led humanity to further enhance our collective and communal expansion in this era. In this era, practice made perfect and perfectionism was exalted by everyone. If we glance at our world, it is so clear that talent recognition and skill development are the backbone of this era.

But as we move into the cross of sleeping phoenix in 2027, our flow will slowly change from skill development as a collective to taking existential action in the now for oneself upon response (Gate 20). The concern of the future generations will be about being present in the now for themselves and taking action that empowers them in the now instead of participating in a perfection process for all (the results of which they may or may not receive in the future). The collective process of developing a skill over time is a completely different orientation to being in flow with life than being present selfishly for oneself in the moment. Instead of the channel of community, children born after 2027, will be programmed by the frequency of the channel of charisma - a design where awareness must become a deed. And the awareness present here is not the social awareness of the solar plexus as in the case of the channel of community, it is the awareness for having energy to do something for oneself in the moment or not.

From where I’m looking, we are moving into a world that is way more selfish and self-absorbed than ever before. We are also moving into a world where long term processes of development and skill growth are not going to be prioritized unless they are truly empowering for individuals. We are also moving into a world where being oneself is more important than being useful to others. The children of the future are not going to have the energy and time to work on communal and collective structures, which may eventually lead to their dissolution and potentially to their restructure into something different that empowers individuals. When the structures that define our world and its functionality begin to slowly fall apart, resource distribution and allocation is also likely to reorient itself through individuals. In my opinion, the gap between those that have a lot of resources and those that have very little is going to widen. There is also a likelihood of reduced philanthropic work that has been a hallmark of our era.

All in all, the world we know today and the world we will know in a few decades is going to be significantly different. I’m not sharing any of this to scare anyone, I’m only making logical assertions on the basis of the mechanical calculations we have at hand. Knowing the changes that are likely to come, can help us prepare for them better. You see, our world is highly mentally driven and so relying on our mind has been okay so far. It has led to a lot of mental suffering but it is nothing compared to the mental suffering we will experience after 2027 if we are not empowered as ourselves in the world. If you are reading this before 2027, it is because you have an opportunity to become your own authority so you can navigate as yourself in the world as it changes. This is your opportunity to ground yourself in your strategy and authority, so you can align with the right forces in the post 2027 world.

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